Overhead Rate Audits

If your entity participates in government contracts or receives federal funding, there is a requirement to have an annual audit of your company’s overhead rate submission. The Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) requires companies that receive federal monies to prepare an overhead rate submission and have the submission audited each year.

Along with FAR the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) has issued a uniform audit and accounting guide, which provides guidance and required procedures for conducting these audits. Richard Brozewicz, CPA has over 10 years’ experience in the government contracting arena, of which 7 years was spent as a contract auditor for DCAA. Richard will use his experience with the FAR and his DCAA experience to provide the highest level of service and audit quality on your company’s overhead rate submission. At the conclusion of the audit Richard will provide your organization with recommendations on how to improve your overhead rate submission and other areas of the company to assist your company in achieving its goals.

Richard has extensive experience when it comes to:
• Architectural and Engineering (A/E) Firms
• Construction companies
• Defense contractors
• State and Local Governments.